New Belgrade’s 62nd “block” as a movie set!

Hm? What can I tell you about my neighborhood!?

Well first of all it’s in the new part of Belgrade – New Belgrade.

New Belgrade is consisted of many parts so called ‘blocks’ and those blocks have their number. There are 72 blocks, and, for example, I live in the block 62. Blocks, or in Serbian “blokovi”, are plural name for a group of urban neighborhoods.

A lot of people that live in the old part of Belgrade can’t really navigate in New Belgrade. Why is that? New Belgrade is a planned part of the city, so all of the buildings in each block look pretty much the same.

A picture can tell more than a thousand words, right?

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Skadarlija – bohemian quarter of Belgrade

Skadarlija is one of the most famours streets in Belgrade and  it is 590 meters long. It is located in the strictest center of town.

Many famoust actors lived there due to the proximity of the National Theatre during the late 19th  and early 20th  century. With actors, of course, came the other artists, poets, writers, painters. It is know that actors don’t eat before the play, but after the play  it was usual to come in Skadarlija, where they can relax and also eat and drink. The best-known o kafanas were Tri šešira (“Three Hats”), Dva jelena (“Two Deer”), Zlatni bokal (“The Golden Chalice”). They were build in the early 20th century and they are surviving even today. Regular guests were artists who entered the history of Serbian culture: Djura Jaksic, Dobrica Milutinovic … Continue reading

Gardoš Tower

As a protector , above the center of Zemun is the Gardos hill on which slopes  is the tower of Sibinjanin Janko, known as the Millennium Tower or just Gardos Tower. The construction of the tower was completed 5th of August 1896th .
Gardos is one of three mountains (the other two are Ćukovac and Calvary), where the historical core of Zemun was built. Gardos rises above the right coast of the Danube and is a natural vantage point from which you can see Zemun, New Belgrade, Old Town, as well as places on the left coast of the Danube.

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Košutnjak and Hajdučka česma

Košutnjak Hill is a forest and the largest park in residential part of Belgrade, and one of the most popular places for outdoor activities among people in Belgrade. Inside Košutnjak there are many picnic spots, as well as various sports terrains (for soccer, athletics, tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball), a ski track, running tracks, and five outdoor swimming pools.

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Abandoned outdoor theatre – Something you won’t find in a guide!

My favorite place in my neighborhood is abandoned outdoor theatre. Once upon a time there was a beautiful outdoor theatre, but as many other places in Belgrade it is ruined and in horrible condition. But that is one of the reasons I adore that place. Every time I want to escape from the whole world I can go there and I know that for sure there won’t be anybody. It is surrounded by rocks and in my opinion it is fascinating that you can find such a place in center of Belgrade. Continue reading