Abandoned outdoor theatre – Something you won’t find in a guide!

My favorite place in my neighborhood is abandoned outdoor theatre. Once upon a time there was a beautiful outdoor theatre, but as many other places in Belgrade it is ruined and in horrible condition. But that is one of the reasons I adore that place. Every time I want to escape from the whole world I can go there and I know that for sure there won’t be anybody. It is surrounded by rocks and in my opinion it is fascinating that you can find such a place in center of Belgrade.

The stage is huge and you can do whatever you wish there. The last event that was held there was New Year’s Eve 2010 and before that it had been used for organizing trance and psychedelic festivals and parties.

It might be a little bit more popular since the hidden entrance is on the exit from new Bridge on Ada. Even though it is not quite legal to go there by car, that possibility is always there. There is off-road that can take you to the entrance of the theatre. Rules are there to be violated.

Belgrade is a town with many unexplored treasures and this outdoor theatre is definitely one of them. That’s why I love it and that’s why I always come back wherever I go.


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