Gardoš Tower

As a protector , above the center of Zemun is the Gardos hill on which slopes  is the tower of Sibinjanin Janko, known as the Millennium Tower or just Gardos Tower. The construction of the tower was completed 5th of August 1896th .
Gardos is one of three mountains (the other two are Ćukovac and Calvary), where the historical core of Zemun was built. Gardos rises above the right coast of the Danube and is a natural vantage point from which you can see Zemun, New Belgrade, Old Town, as well as places on the left coast of the Danube.

It is one of four towers built at the extreme limits of the Hungarian kingdom. Gardos Tower is the most southern point. It was built on the ruins of medieval castles and it is 36 meters high.
When you come to the tower from the Zemun quay you will enjoy the staircase built of bricks that are  twisting. And if you are coming from the other side you will enjoy all the way into the narrow streets, houses and cobblestones. Benches around the tower and restaurants are only a supplement to fully enjoy the view and nature in this place. This is one of the best lookouts in Belgrade. After renovation it is intended that the first level of the tower becomes art studio and place for workshops for children. The second level will be equipped with a lookout telescope and cameras, so that visitors could enjoy the view of Belgrade. In summer, in front of the Gardos tower there are various manifestations of cultural entertainment in the form of theatrical performances and concerts.


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