Košutnjak and Hajdučka česma

Košutnjak Hill is a forest and the largest park in residential part of Belgrade, and one of the most popular places for outdoor activities among people in Belgrade. Inside Košutnjak there are many picnic spots, as well as various sports terrains (for soccer, athletics, tennis, volleyball, basketball and handball), a ski track, running tracks, and five outdoor swimming pools.


It also houses two specialized facilities: Pionirski grad (Pioneer Town) sports and recreational center, and Filmski grad (Film town) with many studios. Košutnjak also has camping area and one hotel. Belgrade Hippodrome is located just below Košutnjak hill, as well as Milošev konak, the residence of the Princ Miloš Obrenović.

The Supernatural Festival is an ecology & music open-air festival held annually in April, located at the park-forest Košutnjak, in Belgrade, capitol of Serbia. Supernatural Festival has the aim to raise ecological awareness about the importance of nature, ecology, natural way of life and proper behavior towards Planet. Also, apart from being a festival is also an ecological movement that uses art, media and event as the means to promote ecology and educate people about importance of this subject. Festival celebrates the Day of The Planet Earth. Settled in beautiful natural landscape, just next to the national historic landmark Hajdučka Česma. The festival makes place for 20,000 visitors every year with growing support.

Košutnjak is one of the many greens of Belgrad and  in the evening it becomes a meeting place of many couples under the stars, looking for a little peace and romance, away from noise.

 Also in Košutnjak is the oldest tree Belgrade, one of the most beautiful museum, monasteries and restaurants, where visitors can try one of the most beautiful Serbian specialties.



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