Tašmajdan Park or simply just Taš

The quarry remained operational during Ottoman period, thus giving the name to the entire location (Turkish taş, stone and meydan, square), though it was also used for the extraction of saltpeter, which was used in the gunpowder production.

On November 30, 1830 the Sultan’s hattisherif (decree) was publicly announced, declaring autonomy (de facto, internal independence) of Serbia and granting hereditary ruling rights to the Obrenović dynasty.

After the successful Second Serbian Uprising when Serbian prince Miloš Obrenović ordered the building of a new town around the old Kalemegdan fortress (Savamala neighborhood), he also ordered that the old Serbian cemetery from Varoš-kapija (City gate) be moved to Tašmajdan, which was done in 1828.

In June 2010, it was announced that the park will be completely reconstructed as a gift of Azerbaijan to Belgrade. As a sign of gratitude Belgrade will erect a monument to the former president of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev in the park.

Within the Tašmajdan park a sports complex of Tašmajdan Sports Centre is located.

Centre administers several facilities located outside Tašmajdan, like “Pionir Hall” and “Ice Hall”. However, swimming pools are located in the park.

It is equipped for international day-and-night competitions  in swimming, water polo, water diving, etc and also used for certain cultural venues or as an outdoor cinema during summer.

Small Palilulska church (church of Palilula) was built in 1835. It was destroyed in the German bombing of Belgrade on April 6, 1941. Today existing Serbian Orthodox St. Mark’s Church was built in 1931-1940. The Serbian King Dusan is buried inside, along with the Serbian Patriarch German. Next to it is a small Russian Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1924, inside of which the Russian general Pyotr Wrangel is buried.


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