Gardoš is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.  It  is located in Belgrade’s municipality  of  Zemun.  On  the  slopes  of  the  hill  of  the  same  name,  with  its  tower  and preserved old architecture, Gardoš is the major historical landmark of Zemun.

For  the  most  part,  the  neighborhood  preserved  its  old  looks  with  narrow,  still  mostly cobblestoned  streets  unsuitable  for  modern  vehicles  and  individual  residential  houses.  As a popular promenade become somewhat of a fashionable place since the 1990s and several modern restaurants were built near the top of the hill with the beautiful view on the Danube.

The  major  attraction  in  the  neighborhood  is  the  Kula  Sibinjanin  Janka,  also  known  as  the Tower on the hill or simply the Gardoš tower. Being a natural  lookout, it was used by Zemun’s firemen for decades. Also there is a theater called “Teatar Gardoš” but it is located south of the neighborhood,  on  the  Masaryk  square  in  Donji  Grad.  The  main  cultural  event  is  “Leto  na Gardošu”  (Summer  in Gardoš),  a  series of mostly outdoors  theatrical  performances,  held  in July and August each year.


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