Memories from Magazine CoM in Bucharest

It’s one day before the event, and you are the only person from your delegation to attend it. To make matters worse, you find out that all the trains have been canceled due to Alpine weather, and you have to find an alternative to reach the destination. Of course, you can always bail out and cancel after deadline. But here is a story of why you shouldn’t.

Finding out that I will have to get up around 6, so that I can get to Novi Sad to take a cab to Timisoara and an eight and a half hour long train ride to Bucharest afterwards sounded devastating. However, it was more fun than I could imagine. Talking about the Magazine, our expectations of the CoM, eating jam sandwiches, and being shut up and hated by everyone else on that train was actually inspiring.

The first night, although dead tired, we thought of some ideas for the Promo Video. In the morning, we met the rest of the participants and went to a medieval restaurant. People from LG Bucharest were more than friendly and helpful, but most importantly – the tiramisu was perfect. Everyone was having fun.

On the first working day, we brainstormed on some ideas for the Video, and spent the rest of the CoM filming it. Everyone is so enthusiastic about showing it during the CM Warsaw. Later that day, we went to see the People’s Palace – definitely a very remarkable and stunning landmark. If you should ever happen to visit Bucharest, take as mandatory to see the Palace, just so you understand why there are no words good enough to describe it. We took a lot of pictures inside it, outside, and on a playground resembling the Palace right across the street.

Although the next day was supposed to be the design day, and we should’ve had live streaming, the power went out. Not to waste time, we decided to work by the agenda of the third day and leave designing the Magazine logo for when the power comes back on. It never did. Still, it didn’t prevent us from brainstorming and even making sketches. The evening activities were bowling, playing pool and hanging out.

On the last day we finished the remaining activities from the agenda. Right afterwards, we went to the Museum of natural history. Although a number of statues there is not realistic, but made of plastic, metal, clay etc. it is definitely worth visiting. The rest of the day we spent filming the Video, and saying goodbye to everyone.

It was our departure day. We knew it would be another twelve or more hours of transportation. Remember the fuss of going to Bucharest? It was not one half of the fuss upon returning. The train to Timisoara was to leave in about 10 minutes when we arrived to the station. Of course, we had to check our tickets first. The time was flying by, and the queue was not getting shorter. We had to ask people to let us go first, and find those who understand English, just to translate. It was around one minute to departure time when we took the tickets. Of course, we had no idea where the platform is. Somehow we found it and ran into the train, just a few seconds before departure. It was such a traumatizing experience, we all vowed never to speak of it again.

But that’s not the end of it. Imagine traveling with those same people 10 days later. To be honest, I can’t wait for the 10th day.

Returning home, we realized this was the laziest CoM ever – none of us was in the mood to go out to a club, not even one night. This is one of those journeys that I’ll remember for life. In fact, if I had a chance to go the same place again, taking the same complicated means of transportation there, with the same people, I’d definitely take it.

A special “Thanks” goes to all the participants – our lovely Vice President Victoria (Seville/Helsinki), Jelena, Dunja, Sebastian (Novi Sad), Esin, Sema (Istanbul – ITU), Sorana (Bucharest) for being there and making the event so great; to Sorana, Alin Alin and Cristiana for being such great hosts; and for all the people of LG Bucharest who were there to hang out with us.

Igor Jovanović


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