Public Relations Committee Coordination Meeting

Every Coordination Meeting is a story for itself. The combination of people from all over the Europe, working hard and having fun even harder, is the key to a good travelling experience.

Budapest was the place where we met. Arriving to the train station, we already realized that this city is more beautiful and more alive than we could ever imagine. Our kind Hungarian hosts welcomed us with in a cosy bar in the center with their traditional drink Palinka. It is kind of like our Serbian Rakija, so it felt like home. We spent the evening getting to know each other, talking and relaxing from the journey.

The Public Relations CoM could start! We were accommodated in dormitories, which are 10 minutes walk from the BME University where we worked for the next 3 days. Every topic was discussed and well done by good team work. Some of the topics were Online PR, ESTIEM Magazine,  SERI logo, Gadgets and of course the matters on Council Meeting in Warsaw. Ideas were popping, although we didn’t sleep much (of course) and working sessions were very productive and successful.

One of our hosts Balasz was our tour guide. He impressed us with his history knowledge. We saw the most of the beautiful Budapest walking, which is the best way, because you get to feel the spirit of the city. The city consists of two parts, Buda and Pesta, which are connected by multiple historical bridges. We got to see the amazing Royal Castle, The Heroes Square and also the Citadel, which we visited at night climbing and singing the ESTIEM song! You can get around the city very easily, there are a lot of buses, trams and metro lines. Budapest has the second oldest metro line in Europe! Big thanks to Balasz for all the information.


Party time was not excluded, the centre of the city is full of clubs and bars, and all of us, who have found energy, had the opportunity to feel the nightlife of Budapest! And let me tell you, it’s one of the best fun times I had. Interesting people, good music, awesome clubs and lots of drinks, what could you possibly want more?

At the end, which we didn’t want to come, we were all very exhausted, but  happy and fulfilled, because we had a wonderful time in Budapest with even more wonderful people. This Coordination Meeting will be well remembered.

Thank you Eszter and Local Group Budapest for hosting us and making these five days memorable and special for everyone.

Ivana Drecun


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